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Hi, I'm Berni

I am a married mother, filmmaker, speaker, and recovering perfectionist.

I empower people to live courageously regardless of what others think.

I work with people desiring to change their life - ready to experience their own Burning Journey™ of personal transformation.

The longest journey may be those eleven inches between the head and the heart.

What soul traveler phase are you
in your Burning Journey™?

What My Clients Say...


Berni has had a very influential impact on my life and has provided me with outstanding coaching. When I left a 25 + year career she helped me to transition through the difficult times and inspired me to explore other options and helped me to see more of my talents. I was able to cross the bridge from uncertainty to new beginnings through her support and intuitive guidance. Berni listens and is good about advice, however she instills confidence in me to trust my own inner guidance.



Liz Rutledge Headshot 2018

Berni has such a great, positive energy!  She has mentored me through all sorts of challenges like balancing my relationship with my husband and family, ways to revitalize my energy, guidance on ways to step into my power and speak my truth.  She is a great support for me.  Her completion and promotion of her film, "Berni's Journey", has been a great inspiration to me as well.  Because of this, I have had the courage to pursue my own journey and feel more capable of success with my own business.




Berni’s insights and unwavering belief in my personal power and undiscovered innate abilities have literally transformed my life.  Her gift and open, easy to relate to demeanor is a combination that made it easy to connect and open up to her. Her intuition and guidance have given me strength and motivation to advocate for myself at pivotal transitions and make life-altering changes I didn’t think I was capable of. 



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Berni's Journey - The Film

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